In-Memory Graph Toolkit

Commercialisation of a proprietary Graph Query Language and Exploration toolkit developed in partnership with UK Government. First deployment in the Financial Investigation Unit of a tier 1 UK bank to accelerate complex compliance investigations. Subsequently deployed at other banks and insurers. The following gives a brief overview of the capabilities offered.

Schema Modelling for Financial Transactions

Developed a graph schema for the modelling of financial transactions between counter parties and their associated entities. The toolkit allowed investigators to ingest large volumes of transactions and beneficial company ownership structures for complex compliance investigations.

Visual Query builder

A visual query builder allows investigators to rapidly build graph queries without writing any code. Investigators can switch to generated SGQL (Semantic Graph Query Language) to write more complex queries.

Semantic Graph Query Language (SGQL) for Search and Graph Transformation

SGQL underpins many aspects of the toolkit including graph subsetting, transformations, aggregations and property updates. The below shows another core application of SGQL in search pattern finding.

The below illistrates how graph aggregation can be used to take longer transactional paths between accounts and summarise these as overall transaction behaviours between counterparties.


The graph toolkit comes with pre-configured and ad-hoc risk analysis capabilities, allowing investigators to identify counter-parties that potentially pose the highest compliance risk based on underlying transaction patterns.

Geo Views

Geo visualisation provides a different way for investigators to understand the flow of funds between jurisdictions, which is particularly important in complex compliance investigations.

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