Detection Engine Redesign

Ground-up redesign of a Detection Engine front-end for KYC / CDD, Transaction Monitoring (AML) and Payment Fraud detection. The application allows detectiona analysts to configure new rules that build profiles of transaction behaviour over time and build detection rules based on these. The applications replaced an existing Java Swing UI, requiring significant changes to the Interaction Design while respecting constraints of the underlying detection engine implementation. Launched to new and upgrading customers with great feedback on ease of use and smoothness of transition. The following illustrates a few key areas of functionality.

Detection Scenario Definition

Domain Specific Language used to express decision logic provides realtime syntax validation and an interactive query builder to assist users in building valid expressions.


Interface to build time-based customer and account profiles progressively reveals the relevant parameters to configurers for ease of configuration.

Configuration check

Configuration check provides a summary of all configuration issues allowing users to navigate rapidly to the relevant part of the configuration to remedy issues.

Scenario Overview

The Scenario Overview provides a high level view of the detection scenarios enabled as well as allowing fine grained control using segmentation settings.

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